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ADM Alliance Nutrition Becomes Exclusive Feed Sponsor of Clinton Anderson and Downunder Horsemanship

ADM Alliance Nutrition®, a wholly owned subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM), has become the exclusive feed sponsor of equine clinician Clinton Anderson and his Downunder Horsemanship venture that focuses on his equine training method.

ADM Alliance Nutrition will have a presence at all Downunder Horsemanship tour stops, where Judith Reynolds, Ph.D., P.A.S., Dipl. A.C.A.N., ADM Alliance Nutrition’s equine nutritionist and equine product and technical manager, will conduct on-site feeding seminars. In addition, ADM Alliance Nutrition will air 30-second commercials on Anderson’s Downunder Horsemanship RFD television series and will provide a Feed Fact nutrition tip on each episode. Dr. Reynolds will also participate in various other Downunder Horsemanship activities to promote ADM Alliance Nutrition’s equine products and programs. Downunder Horsemanship’s publication, the No Worries Club Journal, will also feature equine nutrition articles authored by Dr. Reynolds.

Anderson is excited to welcome ADM Alliance Nutrition to his family of sponsors. “We have common goals,” he said. “Helping horses reach their potential by teaching people how to reach theirs. Horses deal with each other in nature very simply, so if we duplicate their actions, we can get the same results. The folks at ADM Alliance Nutrition focus on the same thing, but from the standpoint of creating nutritional balance, like horses do in nature.”

“The basis of a healthy diet for all horses is forage,” said Dr. Reynolds. “Clinton Anderson’s Downunder Horsemanship offers the perfect forum for us to spread the word that good nutrition is the cornerstone of horse health care and management.”

ADM Alliance Nutrition’s GLO for LifeSM premium equine feeds and supplements, including JUNIORGLO™, POWERGLO®, SENIORGLO®, MOORGLO® and HEALTHY GLO™, are formulated free of corn starch, grain products and fillers.

“With more than 30 recognized Equine Grain Associated Disorders (EGAD) associated with the overfeeding of grain, including colic, founder, ulcers and tying-up, we are working to reduce or eliminate grain in horse rations and to educate horse owners about feeding horses the way they are meant to eat,” said Dr. Reynolds.

According to Anderson, “We’re very excited about integrating ADM Alliance Nutrition’s wellness program into the Downunder Horsemanship training method. Our association is already proving to be a winning one, and we’ve only just begun.”

For more information about ADM Alliance Nutrition equine feeds and supplements, contact ADM Alliance Nutrition at 1-800-680-8254 or AN.EquineHelp@adm.com. Additional information about equine feeding programs is available atwww.grostrong.com.

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ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland Company and a leading producer of livestock feeds and supplements. Based in Quincy, Ill., ADM Alliance Nutrition offers consistent, high-quality feed products, supplements, premixes, custom ingredient blends and feed ingredients to help livestock producers achieve the greatest possible return from the grain and forage they utilize in livestock production. For more information about ADM Alliance Nutrition and their products, visitwww.admani.com.

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