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ADM Alliance Nutrition® Introduces Calf Milk Replacer Line

ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc. announces the release of a new NurseTrate® calf milk replacer product line with PowerSurge™ advanced dairy calf technology. This technology delivers ADM proprietary and patent-pending ingredients shown in research to enhance calf growth performance and health.

PowerSurge from ADM Alliance Nutrition represents an advance in dairy calf milk replacer technology. It was developed to complement ADM Alliance Nutrition’s industry-leading Dairy Solutions® calf and heifer feeding programs. A major objective of this effort was to advance dairy calf feeding by combining synergistic technologies aimed at improving feed digestion, calf immunity and overall calf growth and efficiency.

This program is the result of a comprehensive two-year research and development effort by ADM Research to identify an optimal combination of ingredients to support gastrointestinal health, immune function and calf performance. Proprietary and patent-pending ingredients from ADM were used as the platform and were combined with complementary functional ingredients to form PowerSurge. Controlled research studies, as well as field trials, demonstrated less morbidity and better calf weight gain and feed conversion for calves fed PowerSurge technology.

NurseTrate calf milk replacer products also contain natural-source vitamin E and organic selenium, which provide a powerful antioxidant combination to help support the immune system, and NUTRIPLEX™ botanical complex, shown to enhance calf feed efficiency.

These products are available in several protein and medication options to accommodate producer needs. For more information, contact Bill Earley, dairy business manager, at 800/777-7692 or visitwww.admani.com.

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