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ADM Fresno Helps Dairy Farmers Maximize Production with High Fat Product

DECATUR, Ill., May 16, 2012 – To help California dairy farmers maximize production on the farm, Archer Daniels Midland Company’s (NYSE: ADM) Fresno, Calif. location offers High Fat Product, or HFP. An extender for cottonseed in dairy feed, HFP helps dairy cows maintain milk and butterfat production.

“We’ve found that HFP allows dairymen to provide necessary nutritional value to their cows and improve milk production – all while keeping their overall production costs down,” said Dr. Lance Forster, manager of nutrition services at ADM.

HFP is a consistent blend of corn and soybean co-products which are high in energy and fiber. It is made from 100 percent plant co-products and no animal byproduct. Sold in a palatable crumble form, HFP offers good flowability and is easy for farmers to include in dairy rations. Its proven ability to provide energy without depressing fiber digestion makes it an ideal choice for dairy cows.

In addition to herd performance benefits and convenience, HFP can also help increase dairymen’s financial gain. HFP is more economically priced than whole cottonseed, roasted soybeans and other high-fat alternatives. Therefore, dairymen can find additional cost-savings because unlike cottonseed or tallow, HFP doesn’t require any special handling procedures or storage equipment.

To make using HFP hassle-free for California dairymen, ADM facilitates production, handling, storage and transport of HFP to dairy farms. By managing the complete supply chain, ADM offers a high-quality, consistent and economically-priced feed ingredient. HFP is also available year-round since it is soy-corn based, which means dairymen don’t have to worry about supply or availability constraints.

“Dairymen who use effective fiber in sufficient quantities tend to benefit most from transitioning to HFP,” said Shawn Sawa, commercial manager of ADM Fresno. “But, HFP can also be used with equine, beef cattle, sheep and other ruminants. For farmers who aren’t familiar with HFP or how it could benefit them, ADM Fresno has experts on staff to provide technical support for them or their nutritionists.”

ADM is a leading producer of livestock feed ingredients and draws from more than 100 years of experience to serve the needs of California dairymen through its Fresno sales center. In addition to HFP, ADM Fresno also specializes in the following products to help dairymen optimize nutrition and manage costs:

Canola meal pelletsLinseed meal pelletsSunflower meal pelletsCorn germ mealCorn gluten feed pelletsCorn gluten meal (60 percent)Cottonseed mealCottonseed hull pelletsDistillers Dried Grains (DDGs)DDG pellets

To learn more about HFP, contact your dairy nutritionist or ADM Fresno. For more information about ADM Fresno’s products, including HFP, contact Natasha or Nicole at 559-438-0049 orfresnotrading@adm.com.

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