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ADM Partners with Customers to Increase America’s Fiber Intake

Fibersol-2™ figures prominently in consumer products

It just got easier and tastier for Americans to increase their daily fiber intake, thanks to Archer Daniels Midland Company and Matsutani America.

The companies’ Fibersol-2™, a digestion-resistant maltodextrin, now is a key ingredient in Tropicana Pure Premium Essentials® Fiber orange juice, which debuted in December. Delivering three grams of added fiber in every eight ounce glass, Tropicana Pure Premium Essentials® with Fiber is the first and only national orange juice with as much fiber as a whole orange.

“We’re excited Tropicana has selected Fibersol-2 as an ‘active ingredient’ in its products,” Dennis Riddle, President, ADM Corn Processing said. “Consumers can now boost their fiber intake in a convenient and great-tasting way.”

The recommended daily allowance of fiber is 25 grams. However, only one in 10 Americans consumes enough fiber, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Average intake is 16-18 grams for men and 12-14 grams for women, states the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.

“The great thing about Fibersol-2 is that it’s a soluble dietary fiber,” said Riddle. “It doesn’t impact taste and leaves transparent beverages looking clean and clear. Plus, Fibersol-2 doesn’t interfere with mineral or calcium absorption.”

In the laboratory, food scientists can create numerous formulations using the product’s non-fiber attributes, which include high solubility, rapid dispersion, low viscosity, water binding, low hygroscopicity and low sweetness. Fibersol’s flexibility represents another example of how ADM helps its customers meet today’s consumer demands and envision tomorrow’s needs via its

people, products and market perspective.

In addition to juice, other potential Fibersol-2-inclusive finished products include: baked goods, cereals, yogurt, processed meats, dairy and frozen dairy items, soups, dressings, meal replacements, dietary supplements, and medical and functional foods.

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