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ADM to Showcase Innovative Pizza Ingredients at International Pizza Expo

White whole wheat flour and meat-free pizza toppings among products to be offered

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) will showcase a multitude of pizza-related products, providing customers with the opportunity to acquire a number of their pizza ingredients from one source at this year’s International Pizza Expo, March 14-16, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

ADM’s exhibit, Booth No. 1209, will highlight innovative ingredients like Kansas Diamond™ white whole wheat flour for pizza dough blends, Midland Harvest® meat-free pizza toppings, several varieties of ADM dipping sauces and dressings, as well as dessert pizza toppings. Experts in each product area will be on-hand to share information about new products and discuss potential answers to formulation problems.

“Visitors to the ADM booth will discover the breadth of ADM’s product line and come away with a better understanding of how our various resources—our research and development teams, sensory and culinary facilities and market perspective—seamlessly merge to fully and efficiently meet customers’ needs both now and in the future,” says Graham Keen, Vice President-Corporate Marketing.

The ADM booth will sample several pizza-associated menu items, such as breadsticks and garlic butter dipping sauce, meatballs, Midland Harvest® chik’n wings and breadsticks with pizza toppings and cheese. ADM will also display ingredients that help meet customers’ dessert pizza needs, such as fruit toppings and chocolate chips.

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