Wheat & Whole Wheat Flours

An Entire Suite of Wheat Flour Solutions

With wheat and whole wheat flours from ADM, you have just the right ingredients including customized specifications and characteristics to produce delicious finished products consumers love. Whole grains and non-GMO ingredients are driving growth alongside consumers’ interest in the wholesomeness and origins of the foods they eat, and our wheat and whole wheat flours help you deliver exactly what your customers want to see in their baked goods and snacks.

ADM offers the most comprehensive portfolio of tried-and-true flours and on-trend specialty milled ingredients, all backed by over a century of milling experience. Our bakers, millers and technical experts are at the ready to help you select the right ingredients, so you can bake everything better and achieve more, faster.

Targeted Functional Benefits with Wheat and Whole Wheat Flours

Our wheat and whole wheat flours can help create everything from the densest, heartiest breads to the most delicate and tender baked goods, as they offer a wide range of functional benefits that can be perfectly matched to your product’s specific needs, including:

  • Mixing tolerance
  • Absorption properties
  • Fermentation tolerance
  • Rising ability
  • Dough extensibility

The Right Products

Atlas® Flour
Fancy first clear bakers flour
For variety breads, rye breads

Hi-Rise™ High Gluten Flour
Premium high-gluten; highest absorption and tolerance; darker crumb
Ideal for specialty, hearth & artisan breads, pizza

Regal™ High Gluten Flour
Premium high-gluten
Use for bagels, pizza, hearth & artisan breads

Cavalier™ High Gluten Flour
Great fermentation tolerance; slightly darker crumb
Perfect for specialty, hearth & artisan breads

Gigantic® High Gluten Flour
Use for bagels, hard/kaiser rolls, hearth breads, frozen doughs

Dominator® Flour
Intermediate high-gluten
Ideal for bagels, variety breads, hard/kaiser rolls

Commander® Flour
Standard patent
Great for bagels, hearth breads, pizza, hoagies

Spring Up® Flour
Spring patent; high-protein bakery blend
Perfect for premium breads, buns, rolls

Majestic® Flour
Premium patent
Made for pan breads, soft rolls, hard rolls, hearth breads, pizza

Top King® Flour
Patent bread; select blend of hard wheats
Use in pan breads, buns, rolls, tortillas, English muffins

Golden Hawk® Flour
Fermentation tolerance and optimal dough handling
Ideal for artisan breads and rolls, pan breads, pizza, tortilla

Polar Bear® Flour
Standard baking; hard winter blend
Made for white pan breads, tortillas

Hotel & Restaurant/All Purpose Flour
General baking
Ideal for quick breads, muffins, home baking

Swan Pastry® Flour
Standard pastry
Use for great-tasting donuts, pie crusts, cookies, pastries

Tea Table Cake® Flour
High-ratio cake
Perfect for premium layer cakes, pound cakes, high ratio cakes

ADM Cake Flour
Standard cake
Use for foodservice cakes and brownies

Whole-Wheat Flour
100% whole wheat
Use in whole-wheat breads, rolls, variety breads

Kansas Diamond® White Whole-Wheat Flour
Extra-fine white whole wheat
For school foodservice, whole-grain pizza, tortillas, breads

White Whole-Wheat Flour
100% white whole wheat
Use in whole-wheat breads, rolls, variety breads

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