Core Flours

Core Flours

With HarvestEdge™ wheat and whole wheat flours from ADM, you have the right ingredients to produce the delicious finished products that consumers love.

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An Entire Suite of Wheat Flour Solutions

Whole grains and other non-GMO ingredients are driving growth alongside consumers’ interest in the wholesomeness and origins of the foods they eat, and our wheat and whole wheat flours help you deliver exactly what your customers want to see in their baked goods and snacks.


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Targeted Functional Benefits with Wheat and Whole Wheat Flours

Our flours can help create everything from the most dense, hearty breads to the most delicate and tender pastries. These flours offer a wide range of functional benefits that can be perfectly matched to your product’s specific needs, including:

  • Mixing tolerance
  • Absorption properties
  • Fermentation tolerance
  • Rising ability
  • Dough extensibility

The Right Products

ADM offers the most comprehensive portfolio of tried-and-true flours and on-trend specialty milled ingredients, all backed by over a century of milling experience. Our bakers, millers and technical experts are at the ready to help you select the right ingredients, so you can continue to bake the high-quality products your customers love.

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