ADM offers a line of unmodified, modified and pre-gelatinized wheat starches that function as thickeners, extenders, emulsion stabilizers and ingredient carriers.

Our products in this area are flavor-neutral, and are designed to improve texture and tenderness in a variety of foods.

There are numerous advantages to working with our starches in cakes, noodles, pie fillings, soups, sauces, cereals, coatings, bakery and batter mixes, dustings and convenience foods.

Our line of unmodified starches includes Aytex P®, Whetstar® 3 and Whetstar® 4. These starches gelatinize at low cooking temperatures and are especially useful in systems requiring delicate texture, flavor and light color.

Jeltec 3 and Jeltec 8 are modified, low-gelling cook-up starches with high paste viscosity, clarity and reduced retrogradation. They enhance the water- holding capacity of meat-batter emulsions by binding with the additional formula water and reducing weight loss in processed meats during cooking. Jeltec starches are also used to minimize moisture purge during refrigeration, which helps extend shelf life. Typical meat products that benefit from the addition of Jeltec starches are regular and low-fat bolognas, wieners and low-fat, high-moisture chicken rolls.

ADM offers a line of four pre-gelatinized starches including Paygel® 290, Paygel® 295, Paygel® 300 and Readigel 11. The Paygel products hydrate rapidly in cold water and can add strength to fragile baked goods.

Advantages of working with ADM wheat starches:

Baked Goods

  • Can replace up to 30 percent flour in cakes to improve volume, eating quality, symmetry and tenderness
  • Control batter viscosity to improve cell structure in cakes
  • Control spread and thickness in cookies
  • Provide structure with desired texture in cream puffs, éclairs and cream pie fillings
  • Permit shortening reduction while retaining tenderness

Dry Mixes

  • Control absorption, moistness and structure in cake mixes
  • Control viscosity and fat absorption and increases tenderness in cake-type donut mixes
  • Provide high solids without excessive thickening in gravies, sauces and soup bases
  • Control spread in pancake and waffle mixes
  • Provide soft body in pudding and dessert mixes
  • Provide bulk and flowability protection without masking delicate flavors

Canned or Glassed Foods

  • Give soft consistency with clear flavor release in baby foods
  • Provide smooth mouthfeel and soft texture in puddings
  • Contribute to spoonable salad dressings’ soft, full body and emulsion stability
  • Provide fast heat penetration and improved flavor for thickened sauces, gravies, and soups

Other Products

  • Promote binding, adhesion, and low-oil pickup in breading and batters
  • Control body and texture of sour cream and dips
  • Act as a puffing aid and flake strengthener in cereals

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