Corn Syrups & Fructose

Traditional Sweetness, Uncompromising Quality

No one knows corn like ADM knows corn. From connecting with the farmers that grow it, to sophisticated risk management tools to help you manage market volatility, ADM invests in the relationships, technology and facilities that help us ensure supply and deliver it where and when you need it.

Corn syrups and fructose from ADM provide traditional sweetness in a variety of applications, with just the right amount of calories and the specific functionality needed to make your product a success. ADM is one of the leading producers of nutritive corn sweeteners including corn syrups, high-fructose corn syrups, crystalline fructose and dextrose.

Our corn syrups offer a wide variety of options to provide specific functionality to your applications including ice creams, syrups, baked goods and so much more.

Our high fructose corn syrup options have your sweetness needs covered, including: an option to replace cane sugar in beverages, baked goods and more; an option which can be used to replace up to 100 percent sucrose; and an option with an intense sweetness ideal for sweetening foods and beverages without adding a lot of calories.

Our specialty syrups answer the need for a resurgence syrups backed by technical innovation and broader offerings driven by consumer preference and market demand. Our range of specialty syrups deliver on sugar reduction, cost optimization, clean and clear labels and ingredient optionality.

Our crystalline fructose, the sweetest of all nutritive sugars, can be used alongside other nutritive and high-intensity sweeteners to give a wide variety of food and beverages the perfect sweetness profile. With a high relative sweetness and low glycemic index, crystalline fructose is ideal for use in reduced-sugar formulations.

Along with offering traditional sweetness, our corn syrup and fructose nutritive sweeteners bring along with them the added benefits of ADM’s industry-leading Sweet Savvysm expertise and ingenuity, unparalleled sweetener portfolio and our highly reliable sustainable supply.

Targeted Functional Benefits with Corn Syrups and Fructose

Our corn syrups and fructose lend themselves to a wide array of products that benefit from sweetness and they bring specific benefits that can include:

  • Functionality: retarding crystal formation and providing desirable body in ice creams and frozen desserts, offering lower viscosity and high sweetness levels ideal for confections, and more
  • Overall eating experience: contributing flavor, body characteristics and moisture retention
  • Taste and texture profile: high proportion of fermentable carbohydrates, along with increased sweetness especially useful in baked goods such as bread, rolls and more
  • Shelf life: helping keep foods fresh, moist and flavorful Calorie counts: high levels of sweetness for sweet taste with reduced calories
  • Calorie counts: high levels of sweetness for sweet taste with reduced calories

The Right Products

ADM offers a variety of corn syrups and fructose with various options to meet your application requirements and fulfill consumer desires for foods and beverages with great sweet taste and pleasing texture

Corn Syrups
26/42 Corn Syrup L-So2
26/42 Corn Syrup
36/43 Corn Syrup
42/43 Corn Syrup
42/43 Corn Syrup Hm Nix L-So2
42/43 Corn Syrup Nix L-So2
42/43x Corn Syrup
52/43 Corn Syrup
62/43 Corn Syrup
62/43 Corn Syrup Nix L-So2
62/44 Corn Syrup
62/44 Corn Syrup L-So2
62/44x Corn Syrup
62/44 4xm Corn Syrup

High-Fructose Corn Syrups
CornSweet® 42
CornSweet® 55
CornSweet® 90
26/42 Corn Syrup L-So2
ADM Sweetener Blend 28% HFCS 42 and 72% CS 62/44 (Dry Basis)
ADM Sweetener Blend 30% HFCS 42 and 70% CS 42/43 (Dry Basis)
ADM Sweetener Blend 50% HFCS 42 and 50% CS 62/43 (Dry Basis)

Maltodextrins/Corn Syrup Solids
Clintose® CR10
Clintose® CR15
Clintose® CR 18
Clintose® CR 24

Crystalline Fructose

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