Onavita™ Omega 3 Oils

Harvest a Sea of Benefits from Plant-based Omega 3s

As many as one-third of consumers consider themselves flexitarians and are looking for plant-based alternatives that provide extra functionality. Educated on the benefits of omega 3s, they want the promised support for cognitive, heart, joint and heart health yet may not feel comfortable with traditional fish sources. Our Onavita™ helps you deliver a sea of benefits without the fish for supplements, foods and beverages your customers will love.

Onavita™ offers high-quality, non-GMO omega-3s made in the USA and supported by an innovative and reliable partner who can help optimize taste, texture, nutrition and function in your supplement, food and beverage products. Our high-quality, controlled and renewable supply provides clean-label alternatives to fish-sourced omega-3s.

Our Onavita™ portfolio of omega-3s includes DHA and ALA.

Onavita™ Algal DHA Oil
35% and 40% minimum DHA
DHA is a naturally occurring substance found throughout the body and concentrated in the brain and eyes. It contributes to healthy nervous system development and function throughout all stages of life.

Onavita™ Flaxseed Oil
50% minimum ALA
ALA is the essential omega-3 necessary for normal human growth and development. ALA must be obtained through diet or supplementation since it's not produced by the body. ALA is needed to make DHA and EPA and has been credited with maintaining the health of the cardiovascular system.

Algal DHA/EPA Formulation
A vegan/vegetarian option containing both of the important nutrients DHA and EPA typically found in fish oil. This algal oil formulation of Onavita™ Algal DHA and Qualitas Health Almega® 18 EPA supports cognitive, heart, eye, and joint health. Download our EPA/DHA sell sheet to learn more.