Fast Facts: Sustainable Soy

ADM is a signatory to the Amazon Soy Moratorium, a member of the Soft Commodities Forum, and the Pará Green Protocol of Grains.  

Compliance with the Amazon Soy Moratorium, which provides that soy will not be sourced from land in the Amazon cleared after 2008, is audited annually by satellite imagery and a multi-stakeholder board comprised of respected global environmental NGOs. Simultaneously, production of soy in the Amazon increased by 400% through cultivation on existing agricultural land. ADM does not buy from non-compliant farms. Additionally, ADM is also a founding member of the Soft Commodities Forum and is committed to the Pará Green Protocol of Grains.

ADM is also member of ViSeC (Vision Sectorial del Gran Chaco), a recently launched multi stakeholder initiative to address soy production and conservation in the Argentinian Chaco.

ADM monitors its soy suppliers in high-risk areas via satellite imagery.

Sustainable sourcing and traceability are priorities for ADM. New and cutting-edge satellite imaging technology allows unprecedented transparency into our supply chain. This innovation will help enable verification of our goal to achieve and report full traceability (100%) of our soy supply chains in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay by 2022, including direct and indirect sourcing.

ADM will report deforestation and conversion-free volumes in Brazil by 2022.

By June 2021, ADM aims to report its deforestation and conversion-free volumes for all direct soy sourcing in Brazil. Additionally, by December 2022, ADM will report its deforestation and conversion-free volumes for indirect and direct soy sourcing in Brazil.