Sugar’s Taste and Texture with No Calories

SweetRight™ erythritol from ADM is a consumer-pleasing, naturally sourced sweetener with a clean sweet taste similar to sugar—and no calories. A polyol (sugar alcohol) naturally occurring in fruits and other foods, erythritol not only sweetens, but provides the same great sugar-like taste and texture that consumers still demand from better-for-you foods and beverages.

Even better? With 70% of sugar’s sweetness, a low glycemic index and high digestive tolerance, SweetRight™ erythritol is a safe—and comfortable—sweetener for people with diabetes and dietary restrictions. SweetRight™ erythritol allows you to reduce carbohydrates, sugars and added sugars to enable superior better-for-you foods and beverages. And, its bulking characteristics help you replace product volume in sugar reduction blends, all while maintaining good product stability and shelf life. Though it can be used alone, SweetRight™ erythritol is also ideal for use in sugar reduction sweetening systems using high-potency sweeteners as a blend or as part of an ADM sweetener solution.

Along with offering sugar-like sweetness and texture without calories, ourSweetRight™ erythritol has the added benefits of ADM’s industry-leading Sweet Savvysm expertise and ingenuity, unparalleled sweetener portfolio and our highly reliable sustainable supply chain.

Targeted Functional Benefits with SweetRight™ Erythritol

ADM’s SweetRight™ erythritol works well in a wide variety of food and beverage applications, performing especially well in beverages and frozen applications, and it offers specific functional benefits:

  • Consumer appeal: low calorie content and glycemic index with great taste and texture
  • Functionality: similar to sugar for successful better-for-you foods and beverages
  • Bulk and body: returns the bulk and body to foods and beverages when reducing added sugars
  • Sugar reduction: an ideal sugar reduction sweetening system, especially when blended with ADM SweetRight™ sucralose, SweetRight™ stevia and other high-potency sweeteners
  • Frozen products: providing sweetness and mouthfeel, enhancing flavors and controlling ice crystal formulation

The Right Products

ADM offers SweetRight™ erythritol to meet your application requirements and fulfill consumer desires for foods and beverages with great sweet taste and pleasing texture.

SweetRight™ Erythritol

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