VivaSweet™ Zero Calorie Sucralose

Taste, Stability and Zero Calories

VivaSweet sucralose is a great tasting, zero-calorie sweetener that gives consumers all the sweetness with none of the guilt. Sucralose is the only high potency sweetener made from sugar. Because of its very high sweetness level, only minor amounts are needed. Sucralose is a white crystalline solid with the appearance and texture of sucrose. It is highly water soluble, extremely heat-stable in both dry and liquid form and exhibits a sugar-like taste. If you’re ready to reduce calories while maintaining sweetness, ask us about VivaSweet sucralose. Use it as a standalone sweetener or as a blend with any of the many ADM sweetener options for a superior finished product.


The sweet taste and process stability of VivaSweet sucralose make it ideal for a variety of applications that benefit from its:

• No-calorie sweetness
• Exceptional stability
• Ability to retain sweetness throughout shelf life
• Formulation and processing ease of use
• Blending abilities with other sweeteners
• Extensive quality documentation


• Baked goods
• Beverages
• Cereals
• Confections
• Dairy
• Desserts
• Dressings and sauces
• Ice cream/novelties
• Nutritional supplements
• Processed fruits
• Pharmaceutical/OTC (excipient)