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Supporting Wellness During Every Life Stage

Discerning consumers demand nutrition in foods and beverages, often with the bonus of functional benefits that help them get the most out of every bite. Products that support healthy living or healthy aging claims often command a premium. 

With ADM, you can choose from a wide portfolio of plant- and biotic-derived functional ingredients (probiotics, symbiotics, postbiotics) that reflect our commitment to quality assurance, for your next product. Beyond our extensive portfolio, we combine our nutritional expertise, technical ingenuity and our insights into regulatory requirements to help you deliver the foods, beverages and supplements consumers are looking for. Not only do these products support healthy living, they taste great and meet your brand’s value proposition. At ADM, you can tap into flexible, tailored health & wellness solutions that align with the aspirations and focus areas your consumers want to incorporate in their nutrition.

Metabolic Health

Consumers have started recognizing the link between obesity and vulnerability to illness. They are also making a heightened commitment to proactive health maintenance. Even small improvements to elements of metabolic health can have far-reaching positive effects on overall health and wellbeing.

Also, aspects of metabolic syndrome such as hypertension and diabetes have been linked to increased risk and severity of COVID-19. Functional solutions supporting vascular health, blood glucose health and heart health that are targeted to consumers with these risk factors provide opportunity for innovation.

Some of Our Key Solutions

Biopolis – BPL1 ProbioticsBifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis CECT 8145
Biopolis – HT-BPL1 PostbioticsBifidobacterium animalis sub. lactis CECT 8145
CardioAid®Plant Sterols
Fibersol® Soluble Corn Fiber

Digestive Health

Better digestion is top of mind for many consumers and can run the gamut, from regularity issues to food sensitivities to overall gut health benefits. Gut health and its impact on overall wellbeing are key drivers for today’s consumers, who are flocking to specific restricted diets such as gluten free, as well as foods that foster gut health and microbiome diversity.

Increasingly, clinical and pre-clinical research is showing the importance of gut health in a wide variety of conditions, from digestive health to mental health and many others in between. One of the contributing factors in the pathophysiology of many of these diagnoses is inflammation. Through its portfolio of pre-clinical evidence, products like our proprietary Bifidobacterium longum CECT 7347 strain demonstrate a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

Some of Our Key Solutions

Biopolis – ES1 – Bifidobacterium longum CECT 7347
IBS Probiotic Formulation
Fibersol® Soluble Corn Fiber
Synbiotic Formulations with Fibersol®
Bio-Kult® Advanced


Consumers understand now, more than ever, that the immune system is our vital defense against infections from bacteria, viruses and parasites. Interest in immune function has always been high and concerns about coronavirus have amplified demand for products that support immunity and cell function. This trend is expected to continue as consumers adapt their nutritional routines to the new normal.

Consumers are looking for more than just an immunity claim, so it is important to highlight and drive differentiation focused on targeted consumer segments with elevated need states, fueled with science and efficacy.

Some of Our Key Solutions

Biopolis – Lactobacillus rhamnosos CNCM I4036 Immune Function
Fibersol® Soluble Corn Fiber
Novatol® Vitamin E
Bio-Kult® Boosted

Skin Health

There is increasing evidence about an intimate bidirectional connection between the gut microbiome and skin health. The gut microbiome—the trillions of microorganisms found in the gastrointestinal tract—has been shown to play an important role in a number of skin conditions. Consumers are seeking non-pharmacological solutions to many common dermatological concerns.

ADM has a rapidly growing number of clinical trials research relating to the role of the gut microbiome in skin health. Products like ADM Probiotic Formulation Atopic Dermatitis have been shown, in conjunction with standard of care treatment (topical steroid and oral antihistamine), to reduce significantly the severity of atopic dermatitis—also known as eczema. It is a choice ingredient to integrate into dietary supplements, excipients, and infant and clinical nutritional products targeting skin health.

Some of Our Key Solutions

Biopolis – Skin Health Atopic Dermatitis formulation
Biopolis – Skin Health Psoriasis formulation

Mental Health and Mood Support

Faced with today’s increasing demands on their lives, consumers will continue to pay greater attention to their mental wellbeing, especially when they can’t control the circumstances affecting it. The majority of vitamin and supplement users are interested in supplements that support mental health.

COVID-19 has increased concerns around anxiety, stress and cognitive performance, while disrupting sleep and affecting overall mood for many. Ingredients such as DHA, green tea extract and flaxseed oil provide opportunities to introduce benefits like mental focus, brain health and reduced stress and anxiety, as well as relaxation and sleep benefits.

Some of Our Key Solutions

Novatol® Vitamin E
Onavita™ Plant/Algal Omega 3 Oils
Bacillus subtilis PXN® 21®
Bio-Kult® Migrea
Bio-Kult® Mind

Infant and Early Life

The optimum balance of gut microbiome is especially important to give infants the best possible start in life. At birth, an infant's gut microbiome offers a degree of protection to the infant against infection and supports a protective gut lining. A balanced gut microbiome combined with supplementation of other nutrients supports optimal growth and development of the newborn.

Scientifically developed, advanced formula microbiome solutions for babies, toddlers and young children can positively influence the child’s gut microbiota balance. These solutions will help in developing the immune system, supporting digestive wellness and targeting concerns such as atopic dermatitis and colic.

Some of Our Key Solutions

Probiotic Formulations for Infant
Bio-Kult® Infantis

Women’s Health

Urinary tract infections (UTI) affect many women at some stage in their lives and often recur. Most UTIs are caused by the bacterium Escherichia coli that can spread to the urinary tract in a variety of ways. Women are seeking solutions with the ability to inhibit the uropathogenic bacteria causing UTIs. ADM’s Probiotic Formulation for UTI contains probiotic strains specifically selected for their ability to inhibit the bacteria known to cause UTI.

ADM has an extensive library of proprietary microbiome research. Backed by a new published clinical trial, the Probiotic Formulation for UTI may help to reduce the number and duration of urinary tract infections, increase the number of UTI-free days, and reduce antibiotic exposure in pre-menopausal women.

Some of Our Key Solutions:

Probiotic Formulation UTI
Bio-Kult® Pro Cyan

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