Microbiome Capabilities and Research

Microbiome Capabilities and Research

Solutions from development to production.

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Synbiotics backed by clinical product development

With ADM, you get the power of Synbioticspre, pro, and postbiotics along with enzymes and phages—all from one source. That includes more than just existing ingredients. We also provide end-to-end microbiome capabilities to help you create custom solutions that go from bench-top testing to full-scale production.  

We’ll start by working with you to assess future-forward trends, then get to work on strain development. This is comprised of: pre-clinical evaluation, including in vitro, cell cultures and C.elegans models; omics analysis, including genomics and metabolomics; microbiome analysis; and, strain development, including pilot, scale-up and stability. The process concludes with a best-in-class solution coupled with industry-leading support.

Our Strain Development Process

With ADM, our process ensures you get the best-of-the-best when it comes to results. Here’s how we create the next big thing for you.

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We identify the ideal strain isolation and perform gold-standard clinical trials.


Strains are validated and tested for scalability to develop best-in-class production methods.


We have one production facility dedicated to both pro and postbiotics and others dedicated to prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes and phages to provide product in bulk and finished forms.

Finished Product

The result is a truly unique and ownable consumer-preferred product that achieves desired health and wellness benefits.

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