Culinary Trends Inspire Innovative Eats in EMEA

From global influences and an increasing need for expanded protein options to a desire for premium and convenient experiences, culinary trends are what drives new product developments throughout the food industry. For Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), specific themes are shaping innovations in the culinary space, along with wider food and beverage sectors:

A Tapestry of Regional Cuisines: Expanding access to global news and happenings is influencing what's on the dinner table and on product shelves, bringing forth new exploration and experimentation in different dishes and cooking methods.

Premiumisation and Convenience: Consumers are progressively seeking premiumisation in all eating occasions, from dining out to trying culinary techniques at home, in addition to ready meals and snacks, especially as there is a rising desire for tailored convenience.

Classic Comforts with a Modern Twist: Holistic well-being is top-of-mind for today's consumers, with many turning to food for a source of comfort. Familiar flavors are presenting in captivating and non-traditional formats, and comfort foods are incorporating intriguing taste profiles.

Plant-Forward Future: A growing population coupled with mounting consumer interest in a flexitarian lifestyle is increasing demand for more protein choices, and the culinary sector is demonstrating what’s possible for appealing plant-forward options.

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EMEA Culinary Trends Report
Learn more about each of these themes inspiring innovative product development and hear from Nathan Schomers, an executive research chef for ADM.