Savory Flavors & Formulations

Savory Flavors

In an enjoyable fusion with an encompassing culinary pantry, ADM's delicious savory flavors craft chef-inspired, clean and clear label taste experiences that will delight consumers around the globe.

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Authentic to Culinary Gold Standards

ADM offers savory flavors and culinary solutions for every mealtime and occasion, resulting in taste experiences that are preferred by consumers and authentic to local cuisine and flavor preferences.

Savory flavors can be used in a number of applications that range from all types of animal protein varieties (beef, chicken, pork, veal or seafood) to the fresh ingredients (herbs, spices and vegetables) you would find in a chef’s pantry to complement every dish. Savory flavor profiles excel in combination with taste modulation as well as our color technology to re-imagine plant-based meat alternative products of every format. They serve both foodservice and retail channel for products like sauces and dressings, food bases and marinades, soups, ready-to-eat meals and salty and savory snacks.

Taste Experiences That Truly Satisfy

At ADM, we are always on the cutting edge of taste sensations and experiences.

Our savory flavor solutions are crafted by the technical ingenuity and creativity of our devoted teams of certified chefs, product development experts, flavorists and color technologists.

Our global culinary expertise and formulation know-how is coupled with our vast chef's pantry and backed by insights and a world-class supply chain.

Travel Via Your Taste Buds

With ADM’s flavor expertise in recreating culinary experiences, your consumers can travel via their taste buds. Whether going back through time to rediscover nostalgic tastes from happy days or taking global journeys to explore the signature dishes of far-flung destinations, ADM’s savory flavors are sumptuous and transportive. With consumers of all ages open to learning culture through cuisine, savory tastes open the door to a broad range of emotive experiences for your brand.


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