Citrus Ingredients

Citrus Ingredients

As one of the largest procurers in the citrus market and using all parts of citrus fruits, ADM sources its products from the best citrus groves the world has to offer.

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Mastering Citrus Inside and Out

As one of the largest procurers in the citrus market and using all parts of citrus fruits, ADM sources its products from the best citrus groves the world has to offer. From North America (Florida and California) through Central and South America (Mexico, Brazil and Argentina) to Europe (Spain and Italy), South Africa and others, we deliver solutions with high quality, at the right cost and ensure surety of supply.

De-Construct to Re-Construct

With our research and science-backed approach, we understand citrus to its molecular core. With our unique, global set-up, we produce a wide array of high quality flavoring raw materials that give us flexibility and an extensive portfolio.

Expertise Throughout the Entire Citrus Value Chain

Through our acquisitions of Florida Chemical Company (FCC) and Erich Ziegler Company, we offer a unique platform with a complete citrus portfolio that includes a full range of from the named fruit (FTNF) extracts, folded oils, add-back flavors, fractions and isolates.

Since 1942, FCC has operated out of Winter Haven, Florida, concentrating on the recovery of citrus oils and oil concentrates. We consider them citrus flavor ingredients specialists and are very happy to have them on our team.

Erich Ziegler has been in business since 1963 and specializing in citrus concentration with state-of-the-art technology and science offering the highest quality flavor concentrates.

With the merger of the three companies, ADM has virtually unlimited access to a variety of citrus raw materials from numerous origins combining the pioneering state-of-the-art technologies in citrus processing, the valuable long-term supplier relationships with the in-depth technical know-how and passion of our citrus experts.

Processes and Technologies

ADM masters and uses all relevant process technologies for the production of high quality citrus flavoring ingredients, including thermal processes such as distillation and non-thermal extraction processes such as liquid-liquid chromatography and membrane extraction. In fact, we have the largest distillation capacity in the market, enabling us to reliably produce even the most unique molecules at significant volumes.

The Right Products

We offer a wide portfolio of citrus ingredients and our full toolbox for flavor creation.

Concentrated Oils

We offer significant volumes of folded oils and rectified and terpeneless options that provide excellent, clear-cutting solubility and a full portfolio of non-thermally extracted, high-folded oils.

  • Folded oils
    • Wide range of low-, mid- and high-folded citrus oils
    • All tonalities
    • Thermal and non-thermal processes used
  • Specialties
    • Whole-fruit extracts
    • Terpeneless citrus oils
    • Citral-less lemon oils
    • Clear-cutting citrus oils
  • FreshNotes™ fractions and isolates, including:
    • decanal
    • linalool
    • myrcene
    • nonanal
    • nootkatone
    • octanal
    • sinensal
    • valencene
    • Other molecules available upon request
  • Terpenes
    • Orange, lemon and lime terpenes
    • High purity d-limonene
    • Citrus Burst™ formulated terpene products

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