How We’re Supporting Smallholder Poultry Farmers with World Vision Vietnam

How We’re Supporting Smallholder Poultry Farmers with World Vision Vietnam

At ADM, we find purpose in unlocking nature to enrich lives. And the new partnership between ADM Cares and humanitarian organization World Vision Vietnam, aims to do just that for 50 farming households in Vietnam. Our shared goals are to support smallholder farmers and their families in Vietnam’s Lac Son district by bolstering knowledge and skills in poultry breeding, and increasing farmer productivity and profit through improved financial literacy and better market engagement.



An ADM Cares grant will provide each participating farmer with a support package including 100 fully vaccinated one-day-old chicks, a coop and equipment, high-quality ADM feed. The grant will be enhanced with ADM Animal Nutrition expertise: training in chicken-breeding techniques, and networking opportunities with traders and collectors. Within the framework of this project, World Vision Vietnam will work closely with ADM experts in Vietnam and local agencies, such as the veterinary stations and the agricultural extension stations, to help farmers improve methods and outcomes.

“We are very pleased to launch this joint project with World Vision Vietnam,” said Dr. Pierre Domps, director of marketing & business development for ADM Animal Nutrition in Asia. “There are many smallholder farmers who battle hunger every day, and we want to help increase food security for these families, while helping promote sustainable agriculture in the region.”

“With more than 25 years of husbandry experience in Vietnam, we’re proud to offer our expertise along with support from ADM Cares,” said Dr. Serge Corneillie, general manager of ADM Animal Nutrition Vietnam & Cambodia. “Through this project, farmers will learn effective poultry-farming methods, have access to high-quality products from ADM, and will connect with our traders in the region.”

“This initiative can be adapted and replicated in the future in other countries within Asia so that more farmers could have successful harvests, while improving their long-term health and well-being,” said Domps. “This first collaboration between World Vision Vietnam and ADM Animal Nutrition Vietnam will lay a foundation for further joint efforts between the two parties in building sustainable livelihoods for families.”