Whole Grains

Our highly specialized milling capabilities allow us to create unique ingredients that add interest and value to baked products.  From Kansas Diamond® — our signature,  white whole wheat flour — to stone ground whole wheat, we provide the enhanced ingredients to produce specialty products your customers will love.

Kansas Diamond White Whole Wheat Flour

Nutritionists tout the merits of whole grains, yet many consumers still prefer the soft texture and light crumb color of refined baked goods. What to do? Choose ADM’s Kansas Diamond® White Whole Wheat Flour.

Kansas Diamond White Whole Wheat Flour is prepared by carefully selecting and milling hard white wheats to ensure that the process yields a light-colored, yet fiber- and protein-rich flour. The product conforms to US Standard of Identity for whole wheat flour (21 CFR Part 137).

The mild, sweet taste and smooth texture of Kansas Diamond White Whole Wheat Flour produces consumer-pleasing results in virtually any baked good that also could be made with traditional, whole wheat flour. Pizza crust, tortillas, breads, buns, bagels, pasta and cookies all can help meet USDA My Plate’s “make 1/2 your grains whole” goal, thanks to the whole-grain benefits of 100 percent whole wheat Kansas Diamond.

  • Moisture %: 14.0
  • Ash %: ~1.5
  • Protein %: ~12.5

Whole Wheat Flour

Achieve the grainy goodness of 100 percent whole wheat with our Whole Wheat Flour. We can mill it to meet customer specifications for fine, medium or coarse texture. Our Whole Wheat Flour produces a hearty, dark crumb color and robust flavor. Use it to add nutrition-friendly whole grain to standard breads, dinner rolls and variety breads.

  • Ash %: ~1.6
  • Protein %: ~14.0

Crushed Wheat

Our Crushed Wheat flakes add crunchy texture when incorporated into bread doughs, and an eye-appealing enhancement when used as a topping. Use them to add a twist to specialty breads and rolls.

  • Ash %: ~1.6
  • Protein %: ~12.0

Cracked Wheat Nuggets

Intensify the flavor and texture of hearty, full-fledged, whole-grain creations with our Cracked Wheat. Its course, granular texture adds interest when used as either a base ingredient or topping agent; perfect for specialty breads and rolls.

  • Ash %: ~1.6
  • Protein %: ~12.5

Stone Ground Whole Wheat

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of whole-wheat products with our Stone Ground Whole Wheat. We start with 100 percent whole, hard red winter wheat, then mill it with a real stone-grinding process, to produce this medium-granulation specialty. Stone Ground Whole Wheat adds body and rich texture to hearty, whole-wheat pizza crusts, breads and rolls.

  • Ash %: ~1.5
  • Protein %: ~13.0


Pre-cooked and partially de-branned, our Bulgur is a substitute for grits, rice, hot cereal and pilaf.

  • Moisture %: 12.0
  • Ash %: ~1.5
  • Protein %: ~11.5
  • Fat %: ~1.5

Sorghum Flour

Grain Sorghum is one of the oldest known Ancient Grains. Around the world, sorghum is used in food products including breads, cookies, tortillas, pizza crusts, crackers, pancakes, muffins, cakes and extruded commercial products. Sorghum is one of the most efficient crops in the use of water. It’s naturally resistant to drought, heat, and pests. Plus, our sorghum is grown right here in the United States.

Our exclusively sourced sorghum seed collection is made of specially selected grains that help ensure the whitest whites and a more neutral taste. This neutral taste makes it easier to incorporate Whole Grains into a wider variety of products to meet Whole Grain and Multigrain demands. And it’s packed with protein, fiber, antioxidants and essential minerals to appeal to today’s growing market of health conscious consumers.

Gluten Free Solution - Our Harvest Pearl sorghum flour is an excellent option for replacing wheat. We Mill our Harvest Pearl sorghum flour at our sorghum-dedicated, gluten free certified facility. It’s the gluten-free solution that is more economical than specialty starches and more competitively priced with other flours. It is more nutritious than rice and more cost-effective than most Ancient Grains.

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