Meet our Growers

At ADM, cultivating relationships is nothing new. Grower Connect ™is tied to the long-standing, deep relationships we have forged with local growers, keeping us closely connected throughout harvest and growing seasons to ensure we deliver the most consistent and highest performance flours for your products.

Grower Connect provides you with greater transparency into the people and places behind our ingredients, enabling stronger connections to your quality standards, product specifications and brand promises.

PNW Wheat Growers

Meet our local growers in the Pacific Northwest who cultivate several varieties of wheat for the area.

Montana Wheat Growers

Meet our wheat producers in ‘Big Sky Country’ who grow several varieties in the area.

Kansas Wheat Growers

Kansas’ nickname is The Sunflower State, but is actually the top wheat producer in the US. Meet some our growers that farm hard winter wheat, prized for its use in bread.

White Sorghum Growers

Sorghum is a low input, water-sipping crop. Learn more about our sorghum growers.

White Wheat Growers

Kansas white wheat is an iconic American crop. Meet the growers dedicated to its production.