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Pioneering Nutrition Solutions from Field to Product

With over 75 years of experience, we utilize our deep industry knowledge, market insights, and innovation expertise to create solutions for today and tomorrow.

A woman sitting on a couch eating breakfast from a bowl in her hand while her coffee and bottle of water sit on the table in front of her. A woman sitting on a couch eating breakfast from a bowl in her hand while her coffee and bottle of water sit on the table in front of her. A landscape of rows of crops stretching far into the distance.
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Unlocking Nature Enriching Life

ADM is a global leader in both human and animal nutrition. We utilize the power and provisions of nature to create ingredients and solutions that generate safe, healthy, and sustainable nutrition for people and animals around the world.

ADM helps to bring nutritional solutions to those who need them. From our vast portfolio of ingredients that can satisfy tastes and fulfill nutritional needs to our ability to innovate full formula, consumer-relevant, science-based nutrition solutions proactively or through co-creation with customers. And through our years of involvement in the nutritional world, we have also created capabilities to sustainably manage and add value to every part of the global nutrition supply chain through operational proficiency with a worldwide footprint.

Our Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

ADM is committed to nourishing the quality of life for humans and animals. ADM has something nutritional to bring to the table for all.

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Human Nutrition

With the power of nature, we transform natural products into ingredients and solutions that help bring delicious, nutritious, and exciting food and beverages to consumers worldwide.

Animal Nutrition

As a full solutions partner, we help to bring the best, customized solutions and services to support your animals' health and welfare for all stages of their growth.

Pet Nutrition

Our pet nutrition experts help you understand the opportunities and create innovative pet products consumers are looking for.

Industrial Biosolutions

With an increasing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, ADM provides innovative solutions that maintain or even improve performance standards.


ADM’s years of experience with transportation and risk mitigation can give you an edge.

Insights & Innovation

Partnering with ADM gives you access to our technical capabilities and experts, deep consumer insights, and global innovation problem solvers.

Feeding the Future of Innovation

Lead the way in innovation with ADM's unique offerings and expertise. Explore our portfolio of ingredients & solutions. 

GCT Homepage C8Holistic Health

Report: The Future of Holistic Health

Unlock expert strategies for development with microbiome solutions that offer comprehensive wellness benefits in convenient formats.

GCT Homepage C8ExpertiseEnergy

eBook: Expertise that Energizes

Discover how ADM can help you develop in-demand energy beverages that meet evolving consumer expectations for functional beverage solutions.

GCT Homepage C8WinningPlantBased

Report: Winning with Plant-Based

Learn how to captivate consumers with meat alternative solutions that deliver optimal taste, texture, nutrition, affordability, and sustainability.

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Shaping a Sustainable Future

Through our years as a global leader in nutrition, ADM is striving to reduce environmental impact and helping people, businesses, and our world thrive.


Carbon Neutral Mills

We've achieved net carbon-neutral status for all of our U.S. wheat, sorghum, and corn flour milling operations.

Years of Experience

ADM brings over 75 years of experience in global nutrition innovation and problem-solving to every customer need.


We're focused on global nutrition with innovation centers, processing plants, and procurement centers on six continents.
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Careers that Help You Change the World

Not every career offers you challenging, rewarding work that also improves lives across the globe. Whether it’s finding new opportunities for renewable products, developing the next flavor trend, or ensuring crops get to markets where they’re needed, the problems we solve make a real difference.