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Culinary Crafted Creations℠

Create Crave-Worthy Cuisine

Diverse. Demanding. Discerning. Today’s consumers want it all: from unique global flavors, to the highest quality ingredients and of course, outstanding taste. With our unmatched Culinary CraftedSM solutions, you can deliver the authentic, great-tasting foods you need to win consumers’ hearts, minds and taste buds. Tailored to your needs and 100% customizable, our small-batch process (chopping, roasting, puréeing, etc.) offers you inspired quality and convenience.

Uniquely equipped to deliver great tasting, on-trend solutions, ADM’s Culinary CraftedSM products are the perfect answer to impart more flavor, taste and better texture—for exceptionally tasting foods that delight the most demanding consumers.

Chef-inspired and made with the highest quality ingredients, Culinary CraftedSM solutions can: elevate meat and meat alternatives with unparalleled taste and texture, create innovative uses for traditional bases and spice pastes, and add modern, on-trend excitement to traditional food base applications, such as soups and sauces.

Technical Expertise

Tap into the talents of our global team of chefs and food developers, who combine our best-in-class chef’s pantry with their technical expertise—to bring you only the best and deliver innovative solutions, quickly.

Taste is King

With our chef-first development approach, great taste is always on the menu. Create products that ignite the senses when you draw on our passion for food.

Chef-created solutions and curated experiences that bring to life all five senses can create long lasting, memorable consumer food experiences and strong emotional ties to products and brands. Appeal to consumers’ sense of: sight, sound, aroma, taste and feel—to create satisfaction that drives repeat purchases.

Clean Label Solutions

Clean & clear. Non-GMO. Organic. When it comes to desired claims for your target market—you name it, we can create it, all with gold-standard taste.

A Tasty Portfolio

As a 35-year leader in food base solutions, we leverage a large, trusted—and growing—portfolio of solutions that are sure to elevate any recipe or product.

Culinary CraftedSM Food Bases
Marinades, spice pastes, sauces, gravy, brown butter bases and demi-glace, made with a small batch process with deep rich concentrated flavors made from real ingredients.

Dry Blended Seasonings

Spray-Dried Powders