The Stories—and People—behind our Ingredients

At ADM, we’re committed to agriculture. We build relationships with local growers through continued conversations during the growing and harvest seasons. With these connections, we provide a consistent, high-quality supply of grains to our mills.

As you’re strolling through the grocery store, you likely care about the farm that brought your favorite foods to the shelf. That’s why we’ve created ADM Milling Grower Connect. The program allows you to see the people and places behind the food you eat. As one of the world’s leading agricultural and milling companies, we’re proud to showcase the grain farmers we work with so closely.

How it works

If the packaging on your food contains the Grower Connect logo, it means that ADM Milling produced the flour in that product. We want to give you a close-up look at the people and places that bring these products to the shelf.

You can read about the growers and mills that work together to provide quality grains to your local baker.